Operation Analysis

Ulta Beauty’s operation analysis consist of having a simple stream line process. The process begins with suppliers selling to the distribution center and product manufacturing. The beauty consultants are trained for sales and becoming equipped with product expertise. The outcome is retail sales from customer satisfaction and pleasant store experience.

Operation Process

The operation process is a precursor to projecting a five-year plan for Ulta Beauty’s retail success. In the next five years, the recommended course of action is investing in personnel training and increasing sales quotas. The objective is to control inventory and to straighten cash flow. The five-year plan will consider closing less productive stores and distributing products to the store locations generating revenue. There is a motion for aggressive customer retention campaigns within the plan and analyzing customer reviews of products. The end goal after five years is to expand an Ulta Beauty store in untapped locations, such as Puerto Rico and Canada. And eventually, have an international presence.

Five-Year Plan

The plan is to boost sales from each store location as cash becomes lucrative and stockholders’ equity increases each year as depicted from the visualization using Microsoft Power BI.

Projected Totals in Product Sales

By year 2022, The projected sales revenue increases by ten million because inventory is controlled and products sold are in high demand.

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