Human Resource

The best investment for Ulta Beauty’s success is the employees. The solution is retaining employees by offering training programs and recognizing talent with a rewards incentive program. One analysis that supports management flow is the OODA model.

OODA (Observe, Orient, Decide, Act) Model

The chart represents observing the issue at hand, which is employee turnover, leading to low morale and constant rehiring of inexperienced beauty consultants. The orient is embracing diverse talent and creating a culture of aspiring to premium customer service. There should be a place for employee recognition and offering flexible schedules for employees to shine.

The decision is to offer time off and flexible schedules for the beauty consultants to get online sales training and improve customer service awareness. A bonus and benefit plan is offered to employees that remain beyond 12 months as the bonuses increase with additional years of service.

Management support and recognition lead to the action for employee retention and satisfaction. The action pursues overcoming the challenge of employee turnovers.

To support the OODA model solution to retain the Ulta Beauty consultant professionals, an analysis called the recognition-primed decision is interdependent of the logic of understanding the quality of the human resource.

Recognition-Primed Decision Model (RPDM)

The design centers on the action once employee training is instituted. The online training courses will constitute sales training, beauty products education, and professional development with a ninety-day completion period. Incentives are offered if an employee completes their certificates before the ninety-day is over. The model shows the employee interest in completing the training program because of the incentive bonus program.

The decision model is focused on employee retention, and employee satisfaction leads to employees referring talent to join the Ulta Beauty team.

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